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With over 30 years’ experience working with the super majors of industry, we understand what it means to be big and how consultation with multiple stakeholders with different experiences & capabilities fosters a “we’re too big”, or “too big to fail” mentality. The SMALLmighty encourages clients to Think SMALL to build strategies and ways of working that leverage their strengths to promote agility, competitiveness, growth, and enduring capabilities. 

"A goal without a plan, is just a wish"

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Smart Strategy, owned and executed

In an ideal world, strategy and execution should go hand in hand, however for large and complex organisations there are more challenges to overcome, especially when each market leader believes that “their customers and consumers are different” and warrant their own special programs.


The SMALLmighty draws on a lifetime of experience, working around the world, and across multiple categories to  find global strategies that local teams want to execute.

In a live workshop environment, The SMALLmighty team draws on the collective wisdom of the organization to agree the direction of the business and co-create the strategic pillars that will act as guideposts for budgeting, customer engagement, and cross functional planning and priorities.

Turning data into actionable insight

The inconvenient truth about data is that it is not insight, ever. With extensive experience working with all disciplines of research and having first-hand experience in how organizations use the data, The SMALLmighty can expertly collate multiple research points and then guide cross functional teams to interrogate and agree the critical themes that need to be surfaced and actioned.

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Asking and answering the right questions

Faced with unending lists of challenges, most organisations and teams have no shortage of opinions to consider and options to take. When there are multiple voices influencing the questions, it is unbelievably difficult to come up with a solution, and virtually impossible to sell others on the answer.


The SMALLmighty helps teams separate the wood from the trees by helping find the root cause issues to multiple symptoms. When people agree the right question to ask, the process of answering is more thorough, unified and correct.

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