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Executive Coach

Executive Coach

"Skills and experience get you a job,

BEHAVIOUR determines your CAREER"

Executive Coach

For the world's greatest brands, and the people who lead them

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Individual, Group & Board Coaching
Team Advisor
and Mentor


With over 30 years’ experience collaborating with the super-major of industry, I understand the significance and value of independent counsel, even for the most seasoned professional.

My expertise lies at the intersection of commercial results and behaviour because knowing what to do matters little if people don’t know how to work, perform, and win together.

As one of the world’s leading lights in behaviour, Karen helps to mentor and advise people on how to navigate the complexities that arise when working in a large organisation

Who is coaching for?

Executive coaching has been the domain of senior executives for too long. Accelerating the performance of people once they’ve reached the top is invaluable, but what happens on the way up? I design my coaching sessions to empower people of all ages, capabilities, and experience.


A single session, or a series, is perfect for people who:

1. Are motivated to push boundaries and take positive risks but need support from senior stakeholders and / or team members

2. Need help in building / rebuilding relationships

3. Need to have difficult conversations or rebuild resilience after a negative event/s

4. Want to build engagement and trust with others

5. Want to become a leaders leader

Executive coach and high-performance strategist

An inconvenient truth about working in a large organisation is that success is less about what you do, but how you do it. Working with multiple stakeholders with a myriad of experiences and capabilities is hard because people are complex, unique, and imperfect. It takes almost superhuman effort to navigate our way through conflicting objectives, biases, and egos. And then, of course, you need to start working on key deliverables.


With over 30years of first-hand experience working in some of the world’s largest organisations, my personal coaching services and techniques are pragmatic, powerful, and focused. My aim is to help you develop the skills, communication, presence, and behaviours that will develop your ability to collaborate, build credibility, and be happy in your career.

Karen Connell, Executive Coach
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What does a typical coaching session look like?

Each engagement is approached with positivity and a growth mindset. With a strong focus of where the individual is today and where they want to be, we explore the context, motivations and behaviours required to orchestrate what’s required, and importantly, what new strategies we need to adopt to transform career and cultural performance.


What should I expect from my coach?

Honesty, experience, and positive strategies to try. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t made a mistake, and I am no exception to that rule. I will work with you and share my firsthand experiences and knowledge to give you the clarity and confidence to try a new approach to the real challenges you face every day. I see my role as a key to unlock what is holding you back in your career, and what can we do to propel you forward. 

“Very little gets past Karen. She calls me out when I’ve done something dumb and cheers me on to be better than I thought I could.”

New Manager, Aged 34


“I hate to admit it, but I was bringing the worst version of myself to the table. I was disgruntled, disengaged, and counting down the years to my retirement.

One session with Karen knocked me out of my funk and gave me insight into a new purpose and role I could adopt in my final years. My team is grateful, and I feel alive again.”

Team leader, Aged 57


“A week later, and I’m still thinking about my session with Karen. I wish I’d met her 20 years ago.”

Director, Aged 50

1:1 Executive Coaching with Karen Connell


1. Understand and enhance how you “show up” as a leader

2. Articulate your leadership brand, and learn how to create and sell your vision with confidence & authority

3. Build the executive presence and gravitas that gets noticed by other leaders

4. Override negative perceptions or experiences with deliberate strategies designed to highlight your true value

5. Engage positively through conflict and/or hard conversations

6. Be considered high potential and get promoted

I work with people wanting serious careers.

My coaching services are in high demand, and there is only one of me.

To qualify as a VIP client and receive 1:1 coaching, you should have serious commercial ambitions and be able to commit to at least 1 hour every 2 weeks.

Qualified clients can expect:

A comprehensive personal report outlining your preferred behaviours. This report provides the foundation for how to change the way you work, perform, and lead.


8 x 1 hour behaviour and business coaching sessions with me via Teams / Zoom


Single Career Triage (Emergency support) sessions sold separately


1 x 360 degree feedback survey (from your chosen colleagues)


12 month unlimited email support

Payment plans can be arranged by request


“Karen has made a great impact on me and many of my team members, so much so that I am frequently requested to include her again. She balances structure and process with her own insights and experiences. She quickly builds empathy and brings her own great sense of humour and fun to build fantastic engagement.”

Cameron Watson, GM Global Commercial Technology - Shell

“Karen is a dynamic and focused consultant and trainer. Experienced across many industries and markets, she is quick to thoroughly assess what needs to be done while remaining respectful of the effective elements of the work that has already been completed. Conscious that people make the difference, a workshop with Karen is challenging and invigorating as she encourages people to let go of sacred cows and unleash their full talent to develop strategies that make sense for their business, customers, and careers."

Elaine Bowers Coventry - Chief Customer and Commercial Officer at The Coca-Cola Company

“A fantastic package for our troops. In particular, to the Enhanced Command Leadership and Management Course. Just starting a dialogue and getting people to talk about their behaviour has already got people making adjustments.”

Lt Colonel Ed Launders, MBE, Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards

What can I say? An amazing (and fun) day, facilitated by Karen, that will leave a very positive legacy for our Charity. We are already taking what we have learnt about ourselves and each other to have more positive conversations, explore how we can better manage change throughout the organisation and build more collaboration/team building.

Jo Dare, CEO, Age UK

“Please come back, it was the best training we’ve ever done”

Wizz Airline

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Executive Coach
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