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“Everyone knows they must collaborate,

but no one teaches you how”


The SMALLmighty is one of the world’s leading lights in building leadership and team capability through more conscious communication and behaviour. In as little as two hours, individuals learn new skills and ways of adapting their language that will have a direct impact on the business, their careers, and their wellbeing.


With respectful attention to the needs of each member of the team and delivered with humour and humility, The SMALLmighty Leadership and Communication programs are favoured by industry and Government giants such as Shell, The British Army and Airlines around the world.

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Building Team Engagement and Collaboration

Leadership Coaching

Building Team Engagement and Collaboration

This workshop focuses on building people’s emotional and social intelligence, so they are ready, willing, and able to collaborate effectively. This is a fast and high energy workshop where the A-HA moments come thick and the learnings are immediately applicable.


Your people will:

1. Understand their own behaviour preferences

2. Recognise their strengths and blind spots

3. Recognise and positively value other people’s style and contribution

4. Understand team dynamics and the power of diversity

5. Identify areas they need to focus on to maximise team contribution and collaboration


More detail:

“Everyone knows they must collaborate, but no one teaches you how”.

When forming a new team or looking to improve the productivity of an established ones, the focus is very much about what the team must do, and collaboration is assumed. But what happens when we are asked to work with people we don’t really know, who work remotely, or simply don’t gel with? This is so much more than a training session, this is a workshop focused on discovery and awareness of what drives us, and how we prefer to work and behave. Using that knowledge, we then learn to recognise and value behavioural preferences in others, and identify practical ways to become more effective collaborators, leaders and partners. The A-ha moments come thick and fast in this highly interactive workshop and the learnings are immediately applicable.

Managing Change

Business Coach

Managing Change

This workshop focusses on how to maximise engagement and lay the foundations necessary to handle change effectively.

Your team will:

1. Know how different people engage with change and what may cause them to get stuck

2. Increase team’s capability to perform at their best

3. Build a framework of how the team can help each other accept recover from change

4. Increase motivation and team buy-in

5. Be empowered to engage in the new direction of the team and own their new role


More Detail:

“Regardless of how creative or adaptive we think we are, we create habits and routines to survive and thrive, and change is rarely welcomed”

Change is hard not least because it can have a profound and lasting impact on a person and teams’ attitude and performance. This workshop can be designed to talk about change in general or tailored to confront real change that might be going on right now or has impacted the team in the past. It is perfect for leaders who want to keep their team engaged while helping them build the resilience they need to recover and grow.

Communication and Conflict

Career Coach

Communication and Conflict

This workshop is for those who would like to develop advanced communication skills that enable you to engage others more effectively, help you learn how to deliver unfortunate news, and rebuild relationships after conflict.


Your team will:

1. Develop their communication skills to engage people quickly and effectively

2. Learn practical ways to reduce and manage tension

3. Gain a common and non-threatening language to talk about differences

4. Practice adapting to different communication styles to enhance collaboration

5. Find a framework for constructive feedback

6. Be able to navigate difficult conversations while maintaining trust

More detail:

“The greatest challenge with communication, is the illusion that it has taken place”

Working with multiple stakeholders and customers, often remotely or without any meaningful relationship or working routines established can prove to be tricky. This workshop is one of the most popular of all The SMALLmighty development courses as it tackles the very style, tone and hidden messages we send and receive daily. It is perfect for teams who must interact with a large number of stakeholders who they need to motivate and build trust with, and is ideal in helping unite teams with their customers or external agencies.

Building Resilience

Executive Coach

Building Resilience

This workshop focuses on building people’s emotional and social intelligence, so they are ready, willing, and able to collaborate effectively. This is a fast and high energy workshop where the A-HA moments come thick and the learnings are immediately applicable.

Your team will:

1. Recognise and articulate the emotions that are present when resilience is low

2. Understand their negative and positive ways of handling set backs

3. Recognise when a team member is “out of sorts” and might need assistance or support

4. Create a framework (practical tips) for self-regulation to help manage emotions

5. Create a framework on how to re-engage team members whose resilience has dipped

More detail:

“No one avoids stress, it’s how we react to it that makes the difference” High performance is not a constant state simply because we are not constant beings. What hinders our ability to perform and work well with others is dictated by our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and biases (known and unknown). This workshop seeks to confront and normalise the negative experiences that influence our feeling of safety and engagement, and gives practical advice for us people to help themselves and others when our resilience dips.

Leadership Development

Leadership Coach

Leadership Development

This workshop is for those wanting to understand how they as leaders show up, and grow in their ability to inspire others. The sessions can be tailored to suit all levels of leadership and can also include 360 degree feedback from their teams for deeper analysis.


Your team will:

1. Grow in confidence in the natural leadership style

2. Be ale to communicate the vision more effectively

3. Recognise different leadership styles in others

4. Develop techniques to engage and empower team members

5. Learn to work more effectively with other leaders


More Detail:

Being promoted to a level of incompetence is common, but actually being incompetent is more a matter of how you are perceived as a leader. Much is assumed about leadership but none so much as that people who are great at their jobs, can naturally step change their behaviour and become a trusted leader. This workshop is favoured by diverse companies everywhere because the focus is on the person and who they must lead, and how they can become more effective in real time.

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