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“The Smallmighty packs a lot of punch. Karen has the ability to take the complexity of vast amounts of disjointed data, opinion, rhetoric and cultural difference and transform it into seamless, multi-stream projects that are practical and outcome-based.

An experienced and accomplished marketer,

Karen understands the challenges organisations face through extensive hands-on experience that is often missing with external consultants.

This enables her to drive big, multi-stakeholder teams to transform complex challenges into inspirational strategies and actionable plans. Working with The Smallmighty is fun, informative and results-driven. If (#possible) isn’t Karen’s handle already, it should be!”

“We had a challenging and ambitious project to differentiate our brands further from the competitive set. Without the budget for a multi-phase / multi-technique research program we turned to The SMALLmighty for help. Karen was instrumental in interrogating the consumer insights and taking a very large and diverse group of people on a journey that highlighted the emotional connections consumers made with highly functional brands. Every step of the way Karen exceeded our expectations – she is

totally engaged in our business and shares our determination to reach a brilliant outcome. Methodical, transparent, inclusive, smart and creative

are all characteristics of a SMALLmighty engagement.”

– May 16, 2013 –

“Karen is real rarity…a consultant with excellent marketing knowledge who rolls up her sleeves, gets stuck in and really makes a difference. She has had a significant impact on our business by helping develop the Kleenex category strategy which is now the basis for our global strategy.

She is comfortable challenging preconceived perceptions and organisational sacred cows, as well as creative to help build new platforms and ideas.
She is also excellent at packaging this all up and also helping with how to sell this both internally and externally – I would definitely use her again.”

“I had the pleasure of attending a CVP workshop Karen led for our global brands, and it was

the most impactful marketing workshop I have attended. The team emerged with refreshed focus for our brand, which provided clarity for the path ahead.

The clarity remains 2+ years later. This sustainable focus and vision are the real sources of value Karen delivered to the business.”

– Sep, 2012 –

“The SMALLmighty Ltd is a boutique consultancy helping traditional mass-marketing lead businesses understand and develop new processes and ways of working that will connect their brands with todays more influential and connected consumer.”