We design bespoke programs that inspire, guide and teach people how to make new choices that will deliver replicable and lasting results. Whether that be developing new brands or challenging the trajectory of an existing one, our programs Make Brands (and business) Think

The SMALLmighty specialises in improving:

Brand purpose and ownership beyond marketing    

We believe that the brand is the business, and therefore everyone should feel an equal responsibility to it.  Our brand value proposition workshops guide the entire business to finding and sharing the authentic values consumers believe. When defending the brand’s purpose and strategy becomes everyone’s responsibility, excellent execution is assured.

Problem identification, solving and selling


The SMALLmighty equips teams with the thinking skills to be able to break down root cause problems or opportunities, determine the right solutions, and then put it all back together into a compelling story.  These skills are transferable across every function, and get’s people answering the right question every time.

Insight mining and business strategy development


Most organisations are awash with data that has never  been aggregated, distilled or correctly interpreted.  Our Insight to Action process and workshops help make sense of vast swathes of data and turn them into insights that people not only understand but can explain simply and logically to others.  It stops the “Research habit” and gives people the confidence to act.

Brand and business capability


We believe that the brand is an organisation’s most valuable asset, and that everyone needs to feel equal responsibility to it. Our famous route to market programs give the entire organisation new brand capabilities that ensures the brand strategy is executed with excellence at every touch-point.