Hello I'm Karen, the founder of the SMALLmighty.

The concept for The SMALLmighty was born out of working for and with large organisations, and watching them struggle to build their brands and step change performance. Likened as super-tankers trying to change course quickly, it is apparent that the operating models designed to manage a global business are exactly the competitive advantage smaller competitors can and do exploit.

To compound the issue, otherwise smart and experienced people who feel continually constrained by processes and other people, soon lose the appetite to act; the less they do, the less they want to do.  And who can blame them? There’s nothing quite like consultation and feedback with 20 different markets with 50 different views of the problem, wildly different capabilities, and countless ‘alternative facts’ to foster a “we’re too big” mentality.

The solution can’t be to keep thinking big.  To retain their might, large organisations need to start thinking and acting like small competitors do – with a clear view of the opportunity, the right strategy and a real sense of ownership by those charged with execution.

The SMALLmighty aims to help large business’ think SMALL.

The SMALLmighty helps realise a brand’s full potential by harnessing the collective genius of the organisation, their valued customers and consumers.  Our proposition is simple: “We make brands think”!  My team’s goal is to give you greater commercial success through insight, strategy and the right story to effectively influence execution.

If you’d like to learn more about what we think or perhaps join our network of friends and associates please contact us today.


Karen Connell

Founder & CEO
The SMALLmighty Ltd