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  Market research is a critical and almost permanent feature of any marketing program.  Structured and used correctly, the voice of the customer can help realise the potential of brands and customers.  For all its benefits, market research should be the lifeblood of an organisation, but something somewhere has gone wrong; market research has become […]

As a management consultant with over 25+ years’ experience, I’ve helped to influence business strategy and management teams across multiple industries and markets. Over the course of a few taxing and focussed months, I navigate different experiences, cultures, personalities and prejudices, and cajole and convince cross-functional teams to think and do “business unusual”.  It’s fun, challenging […]

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ON: THE WALL: Social, Marketing, Media 2014 THE GROCER 2014 CREAM GLOBAL 2014 Coca-Cola is the giant of the soft drinks industry, yet the original mass marketer with the distribution reach of God has received quite a bit of negative press lately: carbonated soft drinks are losing their fizz with […]

A good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer around five years ago. Understandably frightened, she hit the net to research her options and soon found a great – couldn’t put it down – read over and over, story. There was a villain, a saint, David, Goliath, conspiracies and an almost miraculous happy ending. The […]

THIS ARTICLE WAS FEATURED IN: THE WALL Chevrolet’s Man U deal highlights misunderstanding of marketing in China In a recent press interview, Tim Mahoney, CMO of Chevrolet, talked openly about the company’s recent sponsorship deal with Manchester United. While much of what he said made sense, some his comments served to highlight the common misconceptions […]

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ON:WARC Got your eyes set on China? Don’t take the plunge before you’ve read this… In a land seen as the holy grail of growth it seems every industry wants to know the secrets to building their brand in China. With its huge population, vast geography, exploding wealth, a great […]

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ON: CREAM GLOBAL 2014 NET IMPERATIVE: INTELLIGENCE FOR DIGITAL BUSINESS Imagine the scenario: It’s planning time and budgets are still really tough. Many consultancies and agencies will be talking to their clients about incremental growth, incremental volume, incremental profit, and incremental process improvements. It’s such a lovely, feel-good adjective. It’s […]

Contrary to what you might believe, being “big” isn’t easy… especially from a marketing perspective. In a recent piece of research undertaken among senior executives at global organisations, we found a number of key areas in which these brands felt they came up wanting compared to smaller more nimble challenger brands. The research targeted a […]